Coporate Philosophy


Corporate Philosophy

Sanritsu’s Five Basic Principles

Pursuing higher degrees of comfort and safety, and striving for optimal management.
In order to provide a “safety”, “security” at the higher quality, we are aiming at completed control with an improved quality.
We meeting the customer needs with flexibility
Taking advantage of our accumulated know-how, we will make suggestion to cater the customer requests and individual needs.
Comfortable dealings and speedy service.
It’s an important element not only providing a firm product submission but also carrying out its maintenance service continuously. Unforeseen problems such as deterioration that comes from experience in the event of accident occurs after dealings, We will respond to it quickly.
Proposing sales promotion tools that emphasize a product’s best qualities.
We propose a sales tool for marketing and communication products by introducing such as product samples,
Seals,POP and Catalogue preparation.
Proposing and implementing environmentally sound and energy conservation measures.
Environmental issues become larger every day. We will meet energy-saving, efficiency measures, to accommodate the customer request and needs with the merchandises.